DRY WINES                                                         

Tamarack Sauvignon Blanc

a pronounced herbal flavor with hints of apples and olives


Cessna Cabernet Sauvignon

primary tastes of blackcurrant with overtones of blackberry and mint


Mt. Zion Malbec

an oaked red wine with juicy fruit notes and subtle herb aromas


Manitou Merlot

hints of plums, black cherry, violets, and orange citrus


Rain Creek Sangiovese

a medium bodied red wine with high levels of tannins and rich flavors that are rustic, fruity, smokey and earthy


SEMI-DRY WINES                                                     

Millark Pinot Noir

a rich, silky wine that blends notes of truffle, toast, and herbs with black cherry and raspberry flavors and a hint of black spice


Summit Pinot Gris

a gentle perfume and delectable spiciness with hints of citrus and almonds


Nyona Chardonnay

a semi-dry wine with overtones of apple, citrus, and melon


SEMI-SWEET WINES                                                    

Maxinkuckee Moscato

a sweet, ripe grape flavor with a deep fragrance


Grass Creek Gewurztraminer

highly perfumed aromas of rose petals and spices, and flavors of peach, mango and honey


Rock Lake Rose

a blend of sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, and zinfandel with sweet, spicy blackberry and plum flavors and hints of herbs and fruit


Spiced Cessna

a spiced cabernet sauvignon with notes of orange citrus, vanilla, cranberry, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger; best served warm


SWEET & FLAVORED WINES                                      

Blair Black Cherry Pinot

a refreshing fruit forward wine with a hint of fresh red berries and black cherries


Barr Lake Peach Apricot Chardonnay

delicious peach and apricot flavors with hints of citrus and fruit


Keesey White Cranberry Pinot Gris

a delightfully sweet white wine with a special blend of white cranberry flavor


Bruce Lake Blueberry Pinot Noir

a delightfully sweet blueberry wine made with fresh, locally grown berries


Latonka Pink Sunset Moscato

features a light and refreshing taste with fresh flavors of strawberry, raspberry and cherry


Rentschler Rhubarb

a sweet, tart wine with crisp fruit flavors, a spicy aroma, and slight floral notes



a sweet, fruity wine packed full of raspberry, peach, and cherry flavors


Chippewanuck Watermelon

a refreshingly sweet wine with vivid fruit flavors and light oak notes


PREMIUM WINES (Limited Quantities)  

Weesau Creek Corot Noir

a dry red wine that has aromas of butterscotch and raspberry with light oak notes and walnut undertones


Mud Lake Chocolate Raspberry

a flavored red dessert wine with delicious chocolate and raspberry flavors


Sweet Z

a sweet twist on a typically dry zinfandel with flavors of plum, butterscotch and blackberry


Orion White Blend

a blend of valvin muscat, pinot gris, and gewurztraminer with a sweet, floral aroma, tropical fruit notes, and flavors of honey and spice


Halcyon White Blend

a blend of moscato, sauvignon blanc, valvin muscat, pinot gris, and gewurztraminer with a floral aroma and flavors of fruit, honey, citrus and ginger


Loyal Gouda

additional flavors: aged, jalapeño, garlic, chipotle, espresso, all american hot sauce, smoked, pickled jalapeño, sriracha,  moroccan, firecracker, bacon, greek spice, peppercorn, honey garlic, fennel seed, dill pickle, sweet pickle, olive & pimento, horseradish, sweet & spicy pepper, sweet basil, morel mushroom, ranch, cranberry, rosemary


TippeCaMoo Cheddar


Pershing Swiss


Newcastle Wensleydale


Rochester Raclette


Athens Asiago


Red Bud Menonita


Bliss Gruyere


Zout Double Cream

additional flavors:  pickled jalapeño


Fresh Cheese Curds




Small Cheese Platy .................................serves 10-15 (1.5lbs)

1 signature cheese + 1 flavored cheese


Medium Cheese Platy .............................serves 15-25 (2.5lbs)

1 signature cheese + 2 flavored cheeses


Large Cheese Platy ................................serves 25-35 (3.5lbs)

2 signature cheeses + 2 flavored cheeses


Huge Cheese Platy .................................serves 35-45 (4.5lbs)

2 signature cheeses + 2 flavored cheeses




Involuntary Dismount Pale Ale

Hops - Citra, Centennial, Cascade | 5.25% ABV  | 45 IBUs

Involuntary Dismount Pale Ale is amber in color, has soft, crisp notes of citrus and pine, and has a nice hop aroma. It is an easy drinking, sociable beer that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods or over the course of an evening. Try it paired with our Loyal Gouda artisan cheese.


Postman's Daughter American Wheat

Hops – Magnum, Sorachi Ace | 4.59% ABV | 55 IBUs

Postman’s Daughter American Wheat is deep golden in color with a wheaty sweetness throughout the body, and a pronounced hop flavor on the finish giving way to notes of citrus, dill and cilantro. This beer pairs best with a fresh, crisp salad, creamy cheese, or a seafood dish. Try it with our Rochester Raclette or Dill Gouda artisan cheese.




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