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Our Milk

Schnabeltier uses top quality, cheese making milk from a small family farm located in Bourbon, IN.  The herd consists of 80 Guernsey’s, Milking Shorthorns, Brown Swiss, and Ayrshire.  All of the cows are grass fed and free to roam the large pastures around the farm.  The entire herd is hormone free, and the farm has been certified.  The milk from Lemler Farms is RBST-free and high in butterfat and protein to give our cheeses the best flavor possible.  Our Master Cheesemaker hauls all of the milk from the farm to Schnabeltier where it is tested in the on-site lab to ensure consistent quality both upon arrival and before off-loading.

Wholesale Distribution

For Cheese, Please Contact:

Shane Ledford – Piazza Produce
5941 W. 82nd st.
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Direct: (317) 522-2971
Cell: (317) 670-8045