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Involuntary Dismount Pale Ale
6.04% ABV | 63 IBUs

Hops - Citra, Centennial, Cascade
Involuntary Dismount Pale Ale is amber in color, has soft, crisp notes of citrus and pine, and has a nice hop aroma. It is an easy drinking, sociable beer that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods over the course of an evening. Try it paired with our Loyal Gouda artisan cheese.

Postman's Daughter American Wheat
4.73% ABV | 45 IBUs

Hops - Magnum, Sorachi Ace
Postman's Daughter American Wheat is deep golden in color with a wheaty sweetness throughout the body, and a pronounced hop flavor on the finish giving way to notes of citrys, dill, and cilantro. This beer pairs best with a fresh, crisp salad, creamy cheese, or a seafood dish. Try it with our Rochester Raclette or Dill Gouda artisan cheese.

Distorted Wort IPA
7.22% ABV | 85 IBUs

Dry Hopped - Centennial, Citrus, Magnum
Distorted Wort IPA is a twist on our original Pale Ale. This beer has been dry hopped with Centennial, Citrus and Magnum hops giving it an extra hoppy flavor and aroma. However, the sweet, nutty malt flavors still shine through making it a nice introductory IPA.

Pigpen's Porter
5.51% ABV | 30 IBUs

Hops - Fuggle
Pigpen's Porter is a great cold weather beer! Don't let its darker color scare you though, it isn't as heavy as you might expect. This porter has been brewed with caramel and toffee flavors. Try this beer paired with our very own Bliss Gruyere cheese or enjoy it like a dessert with some homemade peanut butter cookies.

Granny's Secret Maple Pecan Brown Ale
5.91% ABV | 36 IBUs

Hops - Northern Brewer, Cascade
Schnabeltier's Maple Pecan Brown Ale, Granny's Secret Ale, is a fun twist on a traditional American Brown Ale. Granny's Secret Ale smells of toasted malts, rich maple syrup and finishes with light nutty notes of pecans. You will find this beer to have a slight hop aroma and medium hop bitterness on the finish, balancing out the sweetness of the roasty, toasty malts. If this brew doesn't evoke nostalgic memories of baking all day with your granny, we don't know what will!

Burnout Blonde Ale
6.56% ABV | 17 IBUs

Schnabeltier's Burnout Blonde Ale is a simple, crowd pleasing brew. Without any dominating malt or hop characteristics, Burnout Blonde Ale is a smooth, easy to drink beer with a slightly dry finish. A perfect light, crisp beer to enjoy on a warm summer night! Try it paired with a flavored Gouda.

Prill Pear Hard Cider
5.35% ABV

A delightful, sweet, hard cider with natural flavors of fresh crisp pear.

Dingo Digeridoo's
Classic Root Beer

A non-alcoholic classic root beer for all ages to enjoy!
Made in house.

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