Who We Are

Schnabeltier is the German word for platypus.  The schnabeltier is an amazing animal made up of many different parts to create a unique whole.  Our founders thought the name was fitting for our company, which is the only facility to focus on beer, cheese and wine production under the same roof. 

Our high-quality artisan cheeses are crafted to pair exquisitely with our award-winning wines and exciting craft brews.  Utilizing old world methods and locally sourced ingredients, we produce delicious, fresh products that are better together.


Our Facility

Main production at Schnabeltier is out of a modern 7,500 square foot facility in Rochester, IN. It features state-of-the-art cheesemaking, winemaking and brewery equipment and a large cheese aging room that can hold up to 20,000 lbs. of cheese. The front of the building features a large retail space for wine, cheese and beer tastings, parties, and direct sales. Outdoor seating is also available during the summer months to enjoy the warm weather and events.

Fulton County's First

Schnabeltier is the first to commercially brew beer in Fulton County since Prohibition, and the only place in the world (that we know of) making wine, cheese and beer all under the same roof.  Our brew master, Haley, is also one of very few female brewers in the industry!

Our Name

The management team of Schnabeltier travels to Germany often. The Big Cheese and his wife, the Cheese Counter, would always ask their daughters what souvenirs they wanted from Germany. Their oldest daughter collected toy stuffed platypuses and she would always ask for one. Now, does anyone know the challenges of finding a stuffed platypus in Germany? Couple that with trying to explain what it even is. Luckily our Cheese Monger was able to sketch a platypus to show some of the shop keepers and we finally learned the German translation –  “schnabeltier”. We have come to find out that the train station in Hamburg, Germany has the best selection of schnabeltiers we have found anywhere in the world! It is always fun traveling Europe tasting fine wines and cheeses while our quest for schnabeltiers continues. The name has a special meaning in our hearts and we hope that our cheeses, wines and beers will make the name special to you as well.

Need help learning how to say our name? Watch the video!